3 Best Apps For Travel

Travel is a strategic activity. Proper planning and preparation could be the difference between losing luggage at the airport or paying absurd cab fares in your location or site. One of the best ways to stay ready or prep for domestic or international travel is by creating a checklist.


A travel checklist is a great tool to overcome feeling overwhelmed or unprepared for your travel. It is important to go over your list at least three times in the weeks before you take off. As someone who travels internationally and domestically with my family, I also have to account for my children’s needs, this means that my planning must be attentive and nuanced . Children’s travel needs can range from allergy medications to a “favorite blouse” or swimsuit. Believe it or not, one of the worst ways to start a vacation is forgetting something important.

Organizing your individual and family schedule with tools like wunderlist, google drive and cloud can improve your comfort level. But having apps on the go is even better, and can curate a seamless travel experience if you plan things the right way.

Lifehacker has noted some of the best tools to plan out your travel. Here is a great list to start off with:


Easily recognized as one of the best apps in the travel space, Tripit helps you share your travel plans with the people you love or travel partners. It also syncs with your google calendar and sets up email rules to push confirmations to your phone.



Imagine being stuck in Paris for a day or two. You haven’t really made any solid plans to see the city, and have no one to do this with. Downloading touristeye could be the answer . Touristeye helps your organize your trip by finding the nearest destinations with user reviews to highlight the experience. it also features the things to check in an area, waypoints and detailed information on roads, maps and landmarks.




This app is a bit similar to Tripit and Worldmate. What makes it special is in it’s ability to centralize all of your travel documentation and planning in one handy interface. The interface is easy and seamless enough for the user to navigate with ease. It also integrates with your personal documents, that way you have all your content in on place. One of the best features on Tripcase is it makes travelling plans easier from your phone. The traveller has the option to get driving directions, alternate flights and other on the fly features you would not necessarily have with other apps.


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