About Jiea Rutland Simpson

Jiea Rutland Simpson believes in visiting places Jiea Rutland-Simpson Bio Photooutside of home expand the mind. Travel is essential to personal growth.

Jiea Rutland Simpson have an extensive bucket list. She avid traveller looking to experience the wondrous cultures of the world, inspired by travel from an early age. Whe she was younger Jiea travelled with her family, taking road trips around the United States.

Now, Jiea relishes the opportunity to take her own children around the world to learn and grow from other cultures the way she did. Jiea has visited over 17 countries and plans to visit more countries with her family.

Early Life

At a young age, Jiea Rutland Simpson was highly interested in medicine and helping people with illnesses through science. She took her interests to Spelman College, where she studied Biology as a prerequisite for medicine. Graduating from university, Jiea realized she wanted to work in the medical field but in a position where she could build relationships with professionals in the community using her ability to build trust and establish strong relationships.

This experience was fundamentally bolstered by experiences how communities beside her own engage and interact. Thus, Jiea Rutland Simpson understands travel as an essential element to communication. It is the only way to learn and understand one another. After gaining work experience, she went on to pursue her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami. Here, she concentrated in management and marketing. Jiea learned how to manage relationships between healthcare professionals and local community physicians when she worked in pharmaceuticals. Her interest in understanding how electronic medical can improve physicians practice influenced her to apply and gain admission to pursue her Masters of science degree in Health Information Management. Jiea has led management initiatives in many ways. She has supervised transition to an advanced electronic health record and billing system, which reduces the tedious patient registration time. She also manages coordination between medical staff and patients. She advocates for teen pregnancy health programs and for prostate cancer awareness. Jiea Rutland Simpson has also raised community awareness about diabetes by creating subject literature in Spanish and conducted in-service training on insulin injection and carbohydrate counting.

You can read more about Jiea’s professional career at JieaRutlandSimpson.net.

Travel Experience

Jiea Rutland-Simpson has had numerous travel experiences. From short day trips to long journeys out of the country, all of these experiences formed how she shapes her identity and thus her impact in the healthcare field. Her experiences through travel have also exposed her to the dynamics of health care and the relationships between healthcare administrators, physicians and clients in the global environment.

One time, Jiea was abroad. She was having a fantastic time until she sustained an injury and made her way to a hospital. Discovering that the hospital was lacking in basic health care technology and treatment, but still able to provide free health care to the local citizens, she understood how far technology and electronic medical records could prove advantageous in the hospital system.

Having travelled around the world with her family as a child, Jiea is grateful for the opportunities to travel with her children, an experience she knows is an incomparable gift. She continues to travel in and outside of the United States with her family and hopes that she can share her experiences with other people.